OFFF Barcelona 2016 Main Titles

What happens when you mix the ultimate fun souls with award winning designers and a rapper? BOOM! A massive explosion of creativity shooting right at you. We are proud to present OFFF Barcelona 2016 Main Titles by Merlin Crossingham and Gavin Strange with Aardman Animations.

Featuring Little OFFF Dude, the catalyst of inspiration who is able to lift the environment and represent what OFFF is really all about. Little OFFF Dude was produced and given away to 2,000 attendees during the premiere.

Gavin Strange presented the titles along with Merlin Crossingham last Saturday: "I received the best request every creative artist ever dreamed of: Will you create the titles of OFFF Barcelona?"

Gavin and Merlin showed us the creative process behind the titles and the reason behind Little OFFF Dude. "He doesn't want ti know anything and he had this tattoo of Little OFFF Dude yesterday and the Main Titles premiere was TODAY! This shows you how incredible and trustworthy Héctor is and it just elevates you making you want to make something!"

Watch the titles now and stay tuned for some behind the scenes features!