SPIN W/ Tony Brook

SPIN W/ Tony Brook

The Mill W/ Rama Allen

The Mill W/ Rama Allen

The Foundry presents Glassworks

May 28 - 12:30

Open Room

Glassworks is a modern post-production facility supplying high-end animation and visual effects with a reputation defined by a passion for quality, innovation and personalised service.

They will be presenting two of its recent projects:

Jordi Barés (Creative Director at Glassworks London) will be joining us to talk about how Glassworks teamed up with Heartworks medical devision to provide the most realistic heart model and animation in the world to make Juan Cabral’s vision of an amazing journey outside and inside an athlete the most honest possible take.

Javier Verdugo (head of 3D at Glassworks Barcelona) and David Gómez (head of 2D at Glassworks Barcelona) will take the audience through their work on “A Monster Calls”, a visually outstanding drama from acclaimed director J. A. Bayona, which is due for release in Autumn 2016.

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